Congratulations on Choosing a
Healthier Lifestyle!

Making healthy choices has a big impact on the kind of life you lead. To encourage you on your health journey, AmeriHeath offers incentives to help you make your health a top priority through our Healthy LifestylesSM Solutions programs.

It's easy to get reimbursed for your healthy choices. On this site, you get everything you need to request reimbursements for the cost of a fitness center membership or participation in an approved weight loss or tobacco cessation program.

Get Started

Ready to participate? Be sure to choose a program that is eligible for reimbursement. Under each program header below you'll find full details on that program's criteria and requirements for reimbursements. You can create an account today or wait until you are ready to submit documentation for your reimbursement. There is no need to enroll up front. You can log in and check the status of your reimbursements at any time.

You've put in the time and effort to improve your health; now it's time to get rewarded.

Request your reimbursement today!

Note: You can only submit a reimbursement for yourself. All other members, with active medical coverage, need to submit for a reimbursement on their own account.


* Get up to $150 back when you join an eligible gym and work out regularly.
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Weight Management

Get up to $150 back when you participate in an approved weight management program.
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Tobacco Cessation

Get up to $125 back when you complete an approved program to help you quit using tobacco.
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Free Tobacco Cessation Programs and Applications

Tobacco Cessation Programs and Applications that have no out of pocket cost are eligible as part of this program.
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